• March 27, 2021

UI/UX trends that are rising in 2021

The first impression of a mobile application is its UI design. UI design establishes a connection of the user with the brand and enhances the user’s experience with the app, and contributes to the ROI of the mobile application. Nothing can stop a mobile application’s success when its UI design has engaging content and is client-centric. The outlook of UX design is evolving continuously, and new things are being developed as time is passing. The most changing industry is the UI/UX industry which affects another area of industries too. The UI design is not just about the way an app looks. There are excellent app development companies in Virginia that expertise in UI/UX designs. The data structure of the mobile application should combine successfully with the guidelines of UI design. Here are some rising trends in the year 2021.

  1. Enhanced personalization- Mobile application personalization will be rising at a high rate this year. A good build UX is growing to be essential in mobile app development. This customization is seamless because of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Streaming services use good personalization to provide value to the user.
  2. Curved edges- Rounded corners look smoother than the edges and help process data easily. Android and iOS both flagships feature curved edges. Most mobile phones these days have curved edges. The curved edges on the app will give the user a good experience.
  3. Voice Assistance- Mobile applications that are voice-powered are continuously becoming a part of our lives. Voice assistants are quick to give precise results to the query and ensure a good user experience. Get app development Virginia Beach for excellent services.
  4. Direct login- Login without passwords in the app is getting more popular these days. It is hard for the users to remember the passwords to multiple applications. Many applications allow password-less logins and use sign-in links, OTP, etc.
  5. Animation- For a better user experience, advanced animation is an essential tool. Motion graphics and animation features add value to your application and can help the branding of your business.
  6. Gradient- Gradients are more about bright colors now used as background. Gradients try to get a clear source of light. Vibrant shades create positivity and also bring depth and dimension to the UI design.
  7. Dark theme- Dark theme consumes less battery of the phone and reduces eye strain by modifying according to the light conditions.
  8. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality- Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) empowers coordinating the advanced digital parts into this present reality picture by giving clients a new appearance at their everyday system.
  9. Navigation- Mobile phones currently have larger displays and can hold more content than tiny phones, and are great for multitasking. The bottom navigation bar makes it easy for the user to navigate through the application.
  10. Illustrations- Designers can use their creativity to create illustrations with which they can connect on an emotional level. There will be more design experiments in the coming times to produce the emotional effect of users.